Maplevine, a design consultancy

A short list of some of the web sites I've designed, worked on or added to over the past year:

In other jobs and times, I have contributed to the design of, I contributed to and I worked on the Wells Fargo ATM UI as well as various Wells Fargo sites. I've worked with on event design and web and email design.

Speaking of email design, I do loads of email design and development - working with Ravenswood Winery, Clos du Bois, Adler Fels Winery, Acme Fine Wines and Purple Cowboy Wine on their direct to consumer and brand marketing email.

I'm best at quick turnaround projects. I'm fast, patient and friendly. I'm a solid and entertaining public speaker as well, having spoken about creativity and the internet at both SXSW and EVO.

I founded Cheesewhizzes, the nation-wide cheese group as well as am a founding organizer of the Broad and Mighty Summits. I've also been blogging at my personal site, since 1998. That's a lot of social media experience.

If you'd like to contact me, just email me at with your web request. I'll get back to you real speedy like.

Oh, hey, if you're wondering why my web site looks this, ahem, straightforward, it's because I'd rather save all that energy so I can work on client projects.

So go ahead!
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